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Author(s): Payal Agrawal, Maya Verma

Email(s): payalagrawal123494@gmail.com , verma_maya64@rediffmail.com

Address: S.o.S.in Library and Information Science, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G.)
*Corresponding author: payalagrawal123494@gmail.com

Published In:   Volume - 30,      Issue - 1,     Year - 2024

DOI: 10.52228/JRUA.2024-30-1-4  

Air pollution is a significant health risk factor are all over the worlds. Air pollution has a very bad effect on the respiratory system. The term scientometrics originated as Russian term for the application of quantitative methods of the history of science, which studies the quantitative aspects of science. This applied study was done using scientometric techniques and software. The Data collection was performed on June 2, 2023 from the Web of Science (WoS) database. The search period was from 1991 to 2023. Data has been analyzed with the help of HistCite Software, chart & graphs have been made with the help of Microsoft Excel. In this study, the most productive authors, top journals, year wise distribution, and country-wise distribution of publication has been analyzed. The highest number of scientific output belongs to USA, China and UK followed by other countries which extensively had a lower rate of publication. Science of the Total Environment journal has been ranked first among the journals published the most articles i.e. 111 out of 2805 articles. The result shows that Bradford’s law of scattering does not fit well when analyzing the collected data of research articles of air pollution on respiratory system.

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Agrawal and Verma (2024). Effect of Air Pollution on Respiratory System: A Scientometric Analysis. Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-A: SOCIAL-SCIENCE), 30(1), pp.33-42. DOI:DOI: https://doi.org/10.52228/JRUA.2024-30-1-4


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