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Author(s): Abhilasha Shukla


Address: Assistant Professor, Department of Management, RITEE College of Management, Raipur C.G.
*Corresponding Author: Abhilasha Shukla (

Published In:   Volume - 28,      Issue - 2,     Year - 2022

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Shukla (2022). CSR Practices Amongst Pandemic: A Look on Indian Banking Quarter. Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-A: SOCIAL-SCIENCE), 28(2), pp.30-37

CSR Practices Amongst Pandemic: A Look on Indian Banking Quarter

Abhilasha Shukla*

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, RITEE College of Management, Raipur C.G.

Abstract: In the current years Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has witnessed top notch boom in attention and manage withinside the worldwide area. CSR that emerged in 1960 become an try and hyperlink enterprise with society. Corporate social obligation (CSR) refers to techniques that Corporations or corporations hire to behavior their enterprise in a manner this is moral, society pleasant and useful to network in phrases of improvement. It is a idea wherein Business businesses aside from their profitability and increase display hobby in societal and environmental welfare through taking the obligation of effect in their sports on stakeholders, personnel, shareholders, clients, suppliers, and civil society.

 Purpose: The reason of this paper is to look at the diverse components of Corporate Social Responsibility, emphasizing on how company social obligation have advanced over time. The paper additionally attempts to locate how the banks have come ahead and feature long past banking with diverse company social obligation sports which has performed a important position withinside the time of pandemic.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This paper is conceptual in nature, which entails a move sectional look at related to the qualitative evaluation of the CSR sports taken up through banks in India at some point of pandemic. Findings: This paper gives that CSR is evolving as a “self-regulating enterprise version” thinking about overall performance together with the stakeholders’ stress, which has implied that the strategies of interplay of an corporation with its stakeholders and public at large, creates a belief of being socially accountable. During the time of pandemic, the CSR sports have modified cognizance which has totally shifted to sports to assist combat in opposition to the corona virus disorder which could obtain oblique blessings from the corporation.

Practical implications: The belief on CSR advanced on this paper could assist businesses to layout CSR applications primarily based totally on its cognizance, direction, proactiveness, interest nature, characteristics, and blessings. It could additionally assist to recognize what were the possibilities and missing withinside the instances of pandemic with appreciate to CSR.

Originality/cost: In the beyond a few students had tried to outline and give an explanation for the diverse components of CSR. The studies paper tries to offer a greater holistic and but complete theoretical attitude on CSR projects with appreciate to banks going past their center enterprise and increasing themselves into CSR at some point of Covid-19. It can assist CSR managers of businesses to layout their CSR projects and manipulate the CSR projects in a greater powerful and green way.


Keywords: Corporate Social Obligation, Company Strategy, Pandemic.




 Social Responsibility of enterprise refers to what a enterprise does over and above the statutory requirement for the advantage of the society. The word “obligation” emphasizes that the enterprise has a few ethical duties closer to the society. CSR, additionally called Sustainable Responsible Business (SRB), or Corporate Social Performance, is a shape of company self-law incorporated right into a enterprise version. Industrialization and commercialization of provider quarter have explored shiny avenues of development to a kingdom however on the turn aspect it has rooted using non-renewable electricity sources, worldwide warming, inexperienced residence fuelling task and growing stages of waste that have dangerous outcomes to the era coming next. The developing issues for sustainable improvement, environmental overall performance, encompassing pollutants manage and control of herbal assets has given mass reputation to the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The integration of CSR concepts in working sports of enterprise may be very lots crucial to make certain sustainable improvement of an economy. In the economic quarter numerous global projects like United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, Global Reporting Initiative, Equator Principles and Collavecchio Declaration on Financial Institutions are underway to make certain the adoption of CSR practices in everyday enterprise operations. These projects have favorably tuned up advanced international locations to act in a socially accountable manner. But in growing nations, there's a loss of centered and powerful moves to the contemporary want. In addition to this a completely restrained studies paintings has been executed to analyze the CSR practices in growing and rising nations. In reality the instructional e-book in this fiery difficulty is by and large western centric.


CSR ancient tendencies in India until date

 India has an extended records of near enterprise involvement in social reasons for country wide improvement. Initially, there were no evidences of such a social projects taken up as there were very little documentation. There were a developing realization closer to contribution to social sports globally with a choice to enhance the on the spot surroundings. Gradually it become regularly occurring that enterprise needed to proportion part of social overhead costs. Due to corporation’s will to beautify their photograph and extended stress from authorities and expectancies of the general public from the businesses, withinside the ultimate decade of twentieth century, businesses had been worried in mainstream improvement and issue for deprived sections of the society, as opposed to surely doing charity or another philanthropic interest. CSR has each moral and philosophical dimension, mainly in international locations like India wherein there's a large hole of profits and requirements among sections of humans. Later, India have become the primary country withinside the international to make CSR mandatory, with its modification to the Companies Act, 2012 in April 2014. Since this provision in 2014, CSR spending through company India extended significantly. This law required businesses to step out of doors their consolation region onto a steep mastering curve. Listed businesses in India spent Rs 10,000 crore in diverse programmer — starting from academic programmers’, ability improvement, social welfare, healthcare and surroundings conservation after CSR become made mandatory.

CSR is to pursue ‘shared cost’ to create monetary cost that still creates cost for the society or in different phrases giving returned to the society wherein the employer is working its personal enterprise. According to studies, maximum businesses exercise a multi-faceted model of CSR that runs the quantity from natural philanthropy to environmental sustainability. Also, well-set up businesses are normally much less inquisitive about integration of CSR with their enterprise techniques and goals, as opposed to in devising a clean CSR programmer aligned with the employer’s reason and values.

 A employer’s CSR initiatives typically are divided amongst 3 regions of exercise –

1. Philanthropy

2. Improvement of operational effectiveness

3. Transformation of the enterprise version

 All businesses can't interact in equal styles of CSR sports, as it's far neither sensible nor logical. Activities that every employer take in are pushed through various elements, just like the enterprise and the societal surroundings wherein the agencies perform and the motivations of the folks that run and govern every employer.


CSR at some point of pandemic

 The COVID-19, the infectious disorder induced through corona virus has been taken into consideration as worldwide pandemic through the World Health Organization (WHO). This contagious disorder notably disrupted the socio-monetary situations of the sector as an entire. The pandemic were disastrous globally, India now no longer being an exception to it. The Government of India introduced whole lockdown withinside the country in March 2020 so that it will sell social distancing, which essentially directed the general public to preserve distance each socially and bodily which become essential to save you the unfold of the lethal virus. The prolonged lockdowns cause worsening of the monetary troubles. It is hard to locate whatever nice improvement at some point of the pandemic, however nonetheless there's one. Organizations have become greater aware with appreciate to their obligation closer to the society. They have attempted to make contributions in anything manner viable to the society directly, or indirectly. Here, comes the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which performs a important position withinside the age of this pandemic covid-19, wherein humans are attempting their degree great to get thru this top notch tough time. The lethal virus, the COVID-19 has critically broken each human in addition to industries. In instances like COVID-19 pandemic as is being confronted nowadays company social obligation will become an critical technique for the agencies as they've obligation closer to society and those from whom they derive their success.


Policy modifications in CSR at some point of pandemic

There were a few coverage modifications with appreciate to CSR at some point of pandemic which substantially modified the spending sample of the businesses. The first alternate become that the businesses have been allowed to spend CSR finances on Covid-associated sports. Not simplest contribution to the PM CARES Fund and to the State Disaster Management Authority, expenditure incurred on preventive healthcare and sanitation, ex-gratia to temporary/informal people over and above every day wages, presenting quarantine centers to the ones affected, among others, will be taken into consideration as CSR spend. The 2d alternate in coverage and really important become to permit all donations for Covid-associated sports to be eligible for a hundred consistent with cent tax deduction.

And the next alternate become to permit businesses who contributed over and above the minimal prescribed quantity of CSR to later offset the extra in opposition to the CSR duty that might be springing up in next years, if favored through the corporation.

Subsequently, businesses commenced displaying their issue for the society and country as an entire displaying that they cared as well. There were donations ranging in crores to diverse authorities finances. There had been contributions in totally new regions like few in-type donation announcements, which protected counselinghiplines or e-learning assets, and meals supply; making to be had unfastened or discounted trying out kits or offerings or sanitizer and so on. For this reason, corporate also are searching out for NGO companions who're running withinside the regions wherein they've factories, plant life or other set-ups, particularly with regards to rural or far flung regions.


Banks and CSR

 The economic quarter is the number one motive force of a kingdom’s economy. The businesses withinside the economic offerings enterprise are worried in dealing with cash. However, while in comparison to different sectors particularly the producing quarter, the contribution of this quarter is below-rated and isn't taken into consideration massive. Banking quarter had been contributing substantially in CSR sports that are past their center location of banking however it has by no means won any visibility. This paper attempts to cognizance and spotlight the contributions of banks in instances of COVID-19 and the way they've reached out to the general public past their banking sports to reinforce the morale of the banking enterprise.


Review of Literature

Narwal (2007) [2] highlighted the company social obligation (CSR) projects taken through the Indian Banking Industry which facilitates them to beautify their standard overall performance. They carried out the look at on 33 banks that are venture CSR sports below the supervision in their respective head workplace so it generalizes the usefulness. The findings confirmed that banks have focused their CSR sports especially on training, balanced increase (distinct strata of society), fitness, environmental advertising and consumer satisfaction. The Indian banking enterprise has been adopting an incorporated method and has combining CSR with consumer satisfaction.

 Singh & Gautam (2010) [3] of their paper explored the diverse descriptions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the way it has advanced over time in India and the then contemporary practices of CSR in India. The paper tested the view of India’s pinnacle 500 businesses with appreciate to conduction in their key CSR practices and mapped them in opposition to Global Reporting Initiative requirements.

Chen (2011) [4] in his paper provided a technique for figuring out a company CSR version with great goodness-of fit. This study built a version of which CSR become especially encouraged through 4 center additives: accountability, transparency, competitiveness, and obligation. Structural equation modelings become implemented on these studies to evaluate the proposed CSR version containing 4 latent elements and thirteen commentary indicators. The effects of confirmatory thing evaluation indicated that the correlation amongst 4 latent variables become massive, and the 2d-order thing shape in shape the found statistics well.

Sundar, P (2020) explored the diverse coverage modifications which have taken vicinity at some point of the pandemic that have had an impact on the character and quantity of CSR spending, as businesses have grow to be greater aware closer to the society.

 Koli & Mehta (2020) [8] of their paper tested how sure CSR sports undertaken through diverse businesses don’t in shape the invoice from the lens of ethics, legality and enterprise obligation. Such sports might not always have violated the letter of law; however the spirit of such sports is what's required to be seemed at. Analysis In the prevailing instances of COVID-19, the Government of India has been inspiring businesses to offer social guide as it might be very hard to govern the state of affairs through authorities alone. So, it has requested all businesses to return back ahead with anything contribution every can make.

 According to a March 23, 2020 it become provisioned through Ministry of Corporate Affairs round that every one fees incurred on sports associated with COVID-19 could be delivered as permissible avenues for CSR expenditure.

 Funds can be spent for diverse sports associated with COVID19, below the subsequent objects of Schedule VII:

▪ eradicating hunger

▪ Poverty

▪ Malnutrition

 ▪ Selling healthcare, along with preventive healthcare

 ▪ Sanitation, along with contribution to the Swachh Bharat Kosh installation through the Centre for selling sanitation and making to be had secure ingesting water

 ▪ Disaster control, along with remedy, rehabilitation and reconstruction sports.

 In a in addition round (No. 21/2014, dated June 18, 2014) it become referred to that the above objects in Schedule VII are widely defined and businesses may also interpret them liberally for the reason of donations being made with appreciate to COVID 19. This declaration become warmly welcomed through the businesses because it created a win – win state of affairs for businesses who have been below duty to spend below CSR and meet statutory necessities of The Companies Act on the equal time.

 After those announcements, the reaction from the businesses had been top notch to guide the efforts of the authorities withinside the state of affairs of pandemic. Crores have been donated to PM Cares Fund, State finances and different authority’s finances.

The table under suggests the contributions made through pinnacle 10 industrial banks of the country at some point of pandemic below CSR duty:


S. No




State Bank of India

• Bank contributed a total of Rs. 27.47 crore for various initiatives under its CSR including donation of an amount of Rs. 9 Crore towards Chief Minister Relief Fund of various states and Rs. 12.38 crore to SBI Foundation (SBIF) SBI staff members collectively donated Rs. 108 crores to the PM Cares Fund, the Bank also pledged Rs. 30 crores for COVID related CSR activities besides donating around 21000 PPE Kits to government hospitals.



• Pledged Rs 80 crore to PM CARES • Committed Rs 20 crore to state governments, hospitals, CISF and police forces for protective equipment • Provided 2.13 lakh surgical masks, 40,000 N95 masks, 20,000 litres of sanitisers, 16,000 gloves, 5,300 PPE suits, 2,600 protective eye gear and equipment (50 thermal scanners, 3 non-invasive category ventilators) to states and hospitals



• Committed Rs 150 crore to PM CARES


Axis Bank

• Committed spending Rs. 100 crores towards curbing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.


Kotak Mahindra Bank

• Pledged Rs 60 crore (Rs 25 crore to PM CARES; Rs 10 crore to Maharashtra CM Relief Fund)


IndusInd Bank

• Committed Rs. 30 crores towards Covid-19 and lockdown relief work and monitoring the requirements closely.


Bank of Baroda

• It will provide an ex-gratia payment of Rs 10 lakh to the next of kin of business correspondents (BCs) in case of loss of life due to COVID-19. • It will also provide health insurance cover of Rs 60,000 to the BCs. • It will ensure maintenance of hygiene and safety, it is also providing additional support in tranches to keep the BC points sanitised and clean through sanitisers, disinfectants, use of masks and other measures.


Punjab National Bank

• Campaign to distribute face masks and sanitizers to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in New Delhi.


Yes Bank

• Committed Rs 10 crore to support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic including Rs 2 crore each to the PM-Cares Fund, and a clutch of other government bodies and the remaining Rs 1 crore towards providing personal protective equipment to health workers and food to stuck migrants in Maharashtra.



• Donated Rs 3.9 crore towards the fund.


The above suggests the various contributions withinside the call of CSR at some point of the time of pandemic. Banking quarter, had contributed now no longer simplest in phrases of cash through contribution to the PM Cares Fund or different authority’s finances however additionally were worried in distribution of mask, sanitizers, PPE kits and different sports for the reason of assisting the authorities in pandemic. The banking quarter is purely worried in dealing with finances, however this pandemic led this quarter to move past its banking purview and consider the society in a distinct mild altogether. Hence, there were extended contributions from this quarter at some point of the pandemic. So lots in order that the financial institution personnel of SBI financial institution contributed to the PM Cares Fund through permitting it to be taken from their salary. Such sports now no longer simplest to construct the emblem photograph of the banks, it will increase the believe of the clients at the banks because the clients have grow to be socially conscious those days. Especially in such hard instances as the ones of pandemic, humans had been keenly inquisitive about looking what was the contribution of every corporation in each quarter for the reason of assisting the society.



 In nowadays instances, clients have grown to be conscious and worried that whether or not the manufacturers or the businesses that they’re handling are socially accountable or now no longer. Being socially accountable assist then create a nice photograph in the front of the clients at the same time as executing their ethical duties on the equal time. CSR interest if performed efficaciously facilitates the corporation to make an area for itself wherein the marketplace has now grow to be saturated with lots a opposition and it additionally facilitates the businesses to efficaciously connect to the clients to make certain long-time period relationship. CSR applications have a nice impact and this become established through the form of contributions that the corporate have prolonged at some point of the pandemic such that the paintings of the businesses seemed proper and it makes the corporation socially accountable to the clients. Also, any corporation going for CSR interest ought to be honest and straightforward in anything it says. As the clients are well-informed, empowered and conscious nowadays, the businesses can't idiot the consumer and must strike the proper chord at the same time as handling them. Yet there's something not unusual place in any form of CSR interest taken up through the businesses, they're aligned with the employer’s enterprise reason of making cost to all of the stakeholders and looking after the society as an entire. There are realizing that they have got a position to play for the society and as a result they're carrying out social and environmental sports.

The banking quarter in India has been integrating sustainability into their enterprise models. Over the years, their CSR practices had been much less uniform in contrast to that for economic rating. The CSR sports of banking quarter have long past past their banking area making them greater socially accountable which also can be used as a advertising device wherein efforts are being made closer to CSR in tangential methods which include donation to charitable trusts, NGOs, sponsorship of occasions etc. Few have a truly described CSR philosophy.

This paper has attempted to offer an concept of the primary practices accompanied through the banks together with the sports which might be past their center banking interest. The statistics above suggests that businesses on this quarter had been gambling a massive position to deliver out the connection among the company and the society. Companies in banking quarter too had been striving tough to advantage the society in each way particularly at some point of the pandemic.

It is likewise concluded that there was greater media insurance of occasions at some point of the covid-19 time. Even banking quarter businesses which become but any other quarter aside from fitness and training which has now no longer visible any lockdown withinside the pandemic time, have constantly focused their efforts on their center interest, got here out withinside the open with their CSR sports displaying them as greater socially accountable and worried for the society as an entire to construct their photograph. These sports assist the businesses construct consumer loyalty, reputation, worker motivation, emblem cost and worker-retention through CSR sports.

 Hence, it will likely be clever if the businesses cognizance on regions the society want through expertise them for the development of the country.



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