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Bharadwaj and Bharadwaj (1995). Financial Management of Chhattisgarh Government. Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-A: Science), 8(1), pp. 09-15.

Financial Management of Chhattisgarh Government

Period 2001-02 To 2009-10

Vibha Bharadwaj and J.L. Bharadwaj

School of Studies in Economics,

Pt. Ravishankar Shula University, Raipur

Abstract:  Chhattisgarh State had enacted "The Fiscal Responsibility Legislation Act" on 25th September 2005. The basic objectives of this Legislation Act 2005 were to reduce revenue-deficit and fiscal deficit to zero and 3 percent  to its Gross State Domestic Product up to year 2008-09 respectively  as per laid-down  by Twelfth Finance Commission. The State has achieved the targets and become to entitle for "Debt-Swap" and "Debt-Write-Off". The State has also increase  the Tax/ GSDP ratio  more than  Central  Government and reduce the non-development expenditure and increase  the economic  & social welfare by enlarging  the development expenditure in the state. It witnesses   the Good Financial Management of the Chhattisgarh Government. How these targets are achieved through Revenue-Management, Expenditure Management, Debt-Management and Fiscal Deficit Management, it is a vital and crucial issue. This issue is explained detail in this paper.

Key-words: Chhattisgarh State's Fiscal Responsibility Act 2005, Debt-Swap, Debt-Write off, Revenue Management, Expenditure Management,  Development Expenditure Management,  Development  Expenditure, Non-Development  Expenditure, Fiscal Performance Indicators, Revenue-Deficit,  Fiscal-Deficit & Capital outlay.

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