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Author(s): R N P Singh, Pradeep Kumar Jambulkar

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Address: Department of Political Science
Govt. Digvijay College Rajnandgaon.

Published In:   Volume - 4,      Issue - 1,     Year - 1991


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Singh and Jambulkar (1991). ESPIONAGE IN ARTHASASTRA OF KAUTILYA. Journal of Ravishankar University (Part-A: SOCIAL-SCIENCE), 4(1), pp.07-10.

Journal of Ravishankar University Vol. 04  No. A (Science) 1991   pp.07-10   ISSN 0970 5910


R N P Singh and Pradeep  Kumar Jambulkar

 Department  of Political Science

Govt. Digvijay College Rajnandgaon

MS Received 27.4.91

Abstract: For the first time in the history of ancient Indian espionage was institutionalised during  the period  of Kautilya and  Chandragupta  Maurya.  It covered various kinds of activities, both state and private, inside and outside the state.  Spies used various guises. They used gudhya- lekhya to convey information to the institute of espionage. A part of their operations included counter espionage. Kautilya also refers to a system of cxpionage in which many states collaborated for common ends. In some striking ways the system of espionage described by Kautilya resembles ttlc system of espionage  employed by modem states

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Author(s): R N P Singh; Pradeep Kumar Jambulkar

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